Links for further study:

The Ellen G. White Estate

The Ellen White Estate is the official custodian of the Ellen White writings. There is a searchable database available of the published Ellen White writings.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen _White

The Wikipedia entry for Ellen G. White.


Lots of information about Ellen White from a defender.


An alternate source of lots of information about Ellen White from another defender.


This site answers objections raised about alledged statements of Ellen White that contradict the Bible.

http://www.whiteestate.org/book s/egwhc/EGWHCTOC.HTML

Link on the White Estate site to "Ellen G. White and Her Critics" book by Francis D. Nichol.

Note: There has been a lot of criticism over the years about things Ellen White wrote or did. One can find a number of web sites that make these criticisms. Most all these criticisms have been considered by Adventist scholars and responses given. Some of those responses can be located in the links above. As one considers the criticisms, we suggest you ask yourself if after reading one of the books we offer, “Was I inspired with the love of God?” “Was I directed to a more faithful Christian life?”