About Project Restore, Inc.

Project Restore's main activity is helping to produce and distribute topical religious magazines. The president of Project Restore, Ron Goss, also does presentations on last day events and being ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

Mission statement: Project Restore exists to proclaim the love and justice of God in the setting of the cosmic conflict between good and evil. The resources put into our hands are used to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage people to become His disciples. Further we call His followers to ever higher standards of conduct to please and bring glory to Him, which also rewards His followers with a more abundant life.

Project Restore, Inc. is a small private nonprofit (IRS 501c3 status) corporation. We are not an official part of any denomination, but we are individually Seventh-day Adventists. Our literature reflects Bible understandings held by Adventists generally.

Project Restore, Inc. began in 1995 with a prayer, a purpose and a husband-wife team. Although the staff is not much larger now, the intervening years have seen over 45 million topical religious magazines printed. We attribute this to God’s blessing and power along with the support of many faithful contributors.

We are located in central Virginia in a rural area about 80 miles southwest of Washington, DC.

You may also wish to visit our main web site at www.projectrestore.com.

Project Restore, Inc.
PO Box 2000
Locust Dale, VA 22948